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    this seems doesn't working. i opned below log and it doesn't appear here!!


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    Saad Khaleel


    Happy New Year.


    I Live In Finland, I Buy this boot's. Size (10)

    when I wear, I feel big space under my finger's (The bottom of the shoe from the front).

    is that "Factory wrong".?


    Thank you for answer


    Best Regards



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    N. M. Chowdhury

    Greetings from Bangladesh!

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    Most of products we offer to our Buyer/Importers are as bellow:

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    Woven: Jacket, vest, Outer wear, Boxer, Work wear, Basic Shirt, Pant/Jeans, overall, Coverall, swimming short, Vest, cargo pant, Cargo shorts windbreaker, Pilot shirt, Uniform and work wear all kinds of Denim and sportswear etc.

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    Baatenburg, Rene'

    Love the style and the light weight fabric of Omni-Shield Advanced Repellancy below the knee women's shorts. Bought my first pair in 2014 for a Bike and Barge trip thinking cool and fast drying. After wearing this pair for 2 weeks, the top of the thighs became very fuzzy and pilled. My second pair did the same thing.

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    Clint Ellis

    I wanted to go fishing so bad this past weekend. The weather forecast showed a high of 45, 10mph winds, and a 90% chance of rain. No one wanted to go with me in those conditions, and I wouldn’t have either, without top-notch, cold-weather gear.

    I had purchased a Columbia rain suit from a local outfitter in 2012. By 2014, although I had owned it for 2 years, I had only used it a handful of times, and it was leaking on me. Being cold is one thing, and wet is another... but being both is unbearable. I sent my rain suit back to Columbia, along with a note explaining the issue. Within the week, I unexpectedly receive a package on the doorstep. It was from Columbia, and I was shocked when I opened it. There was a brand new rain suit. Not the one I had returned however. Instead, I received their top-of-line, Omni Heat rain jacket, and bibs... easily worth double what I had paid from the previous suit. No questions asked. No bill for an upgrade. No shipping charges. That is what you call customer service, and that is how you earn a customer for life. Now, I can go and do what I love more often, and know that I will be comfortable every time. Every time I slip that suit on, I remember why I’m able to do so. Thank you Columbia!

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    I want to complain about your outlet in Foxwoods. FIRSTLY, why are there ONLY ONE lonely guy working the register when there are AT LEAST four employees in your store today doing nothing constructive, just standing around? In addition, why is this lonely guy the ONLY ONE who could do returns? I don't get it. It is the busy Christmas season. I got STUCK waiting behind a customer who sounded like he was giving away all his contact information including email address. I don't know why your store collects data to be sold and used for marketing purposes. SECONDLY, I phoned the store AT LEAST 12 times and either no one picked up, the phone did not ring or I received a busy signal. THIRDLY, what is with your employee Taylor? She creeped me out today. I was returning an item for my mom and this girl starts SLOOOOOOOWLY walking behind the register, staring at me and smiling with her "fake," insincere Cheshire Cat smile, that was really CREEPY. What was the purpose of her going behind the register. She did absolutely nothing to help anyone, just SLOOOOOOWLY walking through, from one end to the other. It was WEIRD and unprofessional. 

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    Ari Robert Freiser

    Dear nice Columbia staffers and administration:


    Cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I was to find this article:

    on your CEO's apparent response to the problem of homelessness in the city that houses your corporate HQ.

    But instead of saying, let alone doing, anything that might help the city resolve a problem that is increasingly plaguing many American cities (and towns of all sizes), you threaten to up stakes and move.

    (Where would you go?  As noted, the problem is well-nigh ubiquitous.)

    It is literally as if you had a c-level corporate meeting to focus-group, "What's the most insensitive way we can possibly respond to this situation?"  All you need to complete the image is a top hat, a dinner jacket with tails, and a big sack with a huge dollar-sign on it -- or perhaps a white Persian cat and a monocle?

    In any case, this does not comport well with your firm's professed values, and, much as I love the fine winter coat I bought at your outlet store in Manchester, NH, 13 months ago, I will not be buying anything more with the Columbia logo on it until and unless you reverse this course.

    The idea that my money is supporting, let alone furthering, such corporate misbehavior is utterly unacceptable.

    I invite you to keep my e-mail address on file, and let me know if you change tacks.

    I hate not being able to buy more of the products whose value is so strong.

    But until and unless you adopt a more, uh, civil set of civil policies, you'll have to do without my business, small as it might be.



    ari robert freiser

    TestWell:  Test Prep by Professionals

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    Zoran Raicevic (Edited )

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